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Spring Wedding at Della Terra Mountain Chateau

Spring in Colorado can grant sunny skies and warm temperatures or snow, rain and wind.  If you’re lucky enough, you can capture every season in one day!  Aldabella Photography captured Jeff & Lauren’s gorgeous spring wedding at Della Terra Mountain Chateau the last Monday in April.  With birds making their rounds, you would’ve never guessed snow was falling, turning into rain as it hit the ground and temperatures were in the high 30’s.

As the bride and groom prepared for their first-touch, emotions ran high as family looked on.  Jeff held his bride without actually seeing her and as they said their goodbyes, he said this moment was by far the most difficult thing he’s ever had to do.  Standing there, on his wedding day, holding his bride and not being able to look at how amazing she was, left him with incredible anticipation.

With guests making their way to the outdoor ceremony, heaters were on high, blankets were being passed out and everyone did their best to keep warm.  As Lauren made her debut, Jeff’s emotions took over as tears ran down his face.  The dreaded moment where a father hands over his baby girl is one that will forever be imprinted on Lauren’s dad’s heart as he whispered “Please take care of her”.

As the day unfolded, the rain cleared and guests were able to enjoy the beauty Della Terra has to offer!

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