Our company offers a high quality $1,500 inclusive wedding package which covers most of the cost of the wedding in Estes Park-VENUE (7 Ceremony sites in Rocky Mountain National Park) with world class views / MINISTER / Nikon PHOTOGRAPHY with DVD your property / stunning, silver 1939 Rolls-Royce convertible PHOTO TOUR in RMNP.

Receptions are held at a beautiful Pavilion on Lake Estes at a moderate cost. Guests can enjoy the water sports all day at the adjacent Marina. The package includes wedding planning services (recommendations for cake, flowers, lodging, etc.) and securing the RMNP and Pavilion reservations.

Our wedding package is designed to meet the need for high quality weddings and elopments at a very reasonable cost. Elopements are done for $650.

Our offices are located at Panorama Lodge on Lake Estes, 2031 Mall Road, Estes Park, CO 80517. We performed over 120 weddings at that location for three years and changed in 2017 to performing the wedding ceremonies in RMNP with our Rolls-Royce. Prior to that we offered full limousine services in Estes Park for many years, specializing in weddings, as “Rolls-Royce Weddings.”


Gordon Pedersen, of Estes Park Weddings Site has a Pro tip just for you. Since a high percentage of all weddings are held on Saturdays, we recommend early planning and considering a wedding date on Fridays, Sundays or even weekdays. An early visit to the venue is also advised, which in our case is a tour into RMNP to select one of our authorized wedding sites.


What does Gordon love about the wedding industry?

“The wedding day is a very happy day for so many nice people, and we get to spend it with them, offering our rather unique wedding services, followed by receiving many sincere letters of thanks.”



After performing nearly 160 weddings in the past four years, it is difficult to pick a favorite memory for Gordon. He says it might perhaps be several where we were able to perform a high quality wedding on very short notice due to some glitch in their wedding plans. Certainly not a favorite, but the most memorable and emotional wedding, was where the groom had serious health problems with only one year to live and we photographed the bride and groom doing their slow dance.

For more information contact Estes Park Weddings Site and Gordon, @ 970-577-0170 or  their website: www.estesparkweddingssite.com Email: weddings@estesparkweddingssites.com