Are you recently engaged?? Looking for somewhere to celebrate your wedding day?? Have you been considering Estes Park? It is a gorgeous town nestled in The Rocky Mountains that would perfect for your special day!

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Here is what one couple had to say as to why they chose Estes Park and what they love about the town…

What are a few reasons why you chose Estes Park to celebrate your wedding?
We moved to Colorado in 2010 and we’ve been exploring the endless mountains together ever since. We have a lot of fond memories and favorite places in this state now, but in particular, we’ve done so many incredible hikes from Brainard Lake, Peaceful Valley (where Josh proposed!), Wild Basin, and of course in Rocky Mountain National Park. These feel like our mountains now, where we can go for a day just to get out in the woods and take a break from regular life. The mountains are such a source of joy for us that when we visited Wild Basin Lodge, we both agreed that a wedding there would be our dream wedding. The scenery is amazing, the team, lodge, and food are wonderful, and it’s close enough to our home in Boulder to make planning and travel easy for us.
What are a few things you love about Estes Park? Is there a memory of the town that makes it special to you?
I asked Josh and he said all of his favorite memories are from hikes, where we were slogging along, often on snowshoes, and coming around a bend to a sudden amazing view! We climbed Deer Mountain in the snow a few years ago and the view from the top was just breathtaking. We also did a great hike to the top of Crosier Mountain (which is actually in Glen Haven) and when we finally reached the top we had a beautiful, clear view back toward Estes Park and the peaks of the national park.
We also both have a really strong memory of running down the trail next to Lumpy Ridge after being caught in a surprise thunderstorm at 10 a.m. in the morning! We thought we had planned that hike well, but the wilderness is always unpredictable. It was scary but it did make a good story.
I should add that we really like Kind Coffee in Estes Park. Something about altitude makes us sleepy, so we always always stop there for a snack on the way home after a hike.
Any advice for other couples contemplating having their wedding in Estes Park?
As with any important endeavor, it makes the whole journey better if you take the time to enjoy, appreciate, and connect with the people you’re working with. It’s really nice to feel like we’re making new friends along the way — not something we expected. I’m convinced that being out in the mountains helps people come together!
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Hugs – Meghan